The Fear (aka chronic pain and socialising) | Hope in Pain

I understand, totally 🙂
Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences.
Clothes are a huge issue for me and location of the parties. Like you being able to leave when I need to is of high importance 🙂


Updated June 2017

Hope in Pain


I spent the Christmas holidays after I finished year 12 hanging out with girlfriends, going from one party to another.  It was my first real taste of freedom and I loved it.  Looking back, I realise that one of my girlfriends was perhaps not having as good a time as I was.  You see, she got into the habit of cancelling at the last minute.  I’d be getting ready and she’d phone to say she wasn’t coming.  At the time I couldn’t understand it.  Why would she cancel?  It was a party!  Our friends would be there!  How could she not want to go? Why would she want to stay home?

Nowadays, my brain screams “No!” at the very mention of a party.  It doesn’t even have to be a party, any old get together  will do. Lunch, dinner, drinks.  Any social invite and my mind is in overdrive coming up with a…

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