Ordex pill organiser

Excellent, i could do with one of these to help me organise my medications 🙂

I though a few of us may be interested in this post 🙂


Updated June 2017

Sat on my Butt

One of the problems of taking a lot of medication is organising them.

I have had a standard one from our local pharmacy and it requires putting the various tablets in a certain way, otherwise they won’t fit, however my wife popped to our local Lidl store today and returned with a new pill organiser for me.


Its cost was a mere £2.99 and its compartments are twice the size of the one I have been using, it also stands upright and therefore takes up less room on my bedside table.


So that’s it, there’s not much left to say other than I highly recommend it

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2 thoughts on “Ordex pill organiser

  1. Bought mine today from nearest store. You’re right. They’re good. My pill week starts on Saturday (so I’m not messing about on the day I depart for holiday, they’re already done) and I got 2 units, again in anticipation of holiday. The price on *m*z*n is £14!

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    1. YAYAYAY I’m pleased that I’ve helped you in some way 🙂
      ……. and with ‘wot’s its face’ selling them at £14 it’s a good buy 🙂

      Wishing you wellness 🙂
      I look forward to hopefully getting one 🙂 forever optimistic LOLOL 🙂


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