Sometimes you just have to stop

Interesting & educational read for fibromites 🙂

Dancing through Rainbows

I had another appointment with my new doctor today. We’re getting on really well now. Openness does you a favour most of the time in my experience. Anyway, Id booked it just to ask for a repeat prescription (because it’s the first time I’ve had to request these things since we’ve changed practice I had to go in for an appointment), but that’s not what we talked about.

Instead, we carried on from the last time and I wanted to share something with you. This is a diagram that we’ve been using to look at coping in fibromyalgia. Please excuse the picture, it’s harder to draw on an iPad than you’d think!

So, the y axis is the ability to cope, or the amount you can cope with. What it’s trying to show is that whatever the scale on the y axis, you can only handle so much before you…

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